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Westwood Farm

Our 5MW solar installation near Tuxford is now complete.

The Hayward family are delighted with the completed solar project which now adds another strand to their efforts in diversifying their dairy farm. Matt and Chris Hayward now run the farm on behalf of their father, and in Matt’s opinion “the solar farm is a great addition to the farm, it will help Chris and I plan for the future and invest in other areas of the farm we have not been able to, whilst temporarily resting a very small part of the farm.”

Incorporating a bio-diversification scheme with sympathetic management of hedges and edges as well as the careful creation of wildflower grassland strips in-between the panels, the solar farm supports a broad range of invertebrates, and hence birds, amphibians and reptiles and smaller mammals.

The solar farm is generating sufficient electricity to provide the needs of 1,050 average UK households or 2% of all households within Bassetlaw District.